Thursday, May 30, 2013

Movin' In

Today is the day!!! The movers are at the house right now putting all of our stuff in a storage unit. It's crazy to see the house I grew up in, completely empty.

Yesterday, my dad and I brought the RV to our first campground.  It's just twenty minutes from our house, house.  We're moving into the RV permanently today, eeep! A crazy year is about to begin.

On the way to drop off the RV, we were (trying) to pull out of our neighborhood at rush hour.  We were waiting for a break in the traffic, and some a**hole got out of his car and knocked on the window.  He had an exaggerated look on his face, and proceeded to tell us to go the other direction (where we couldn't get out). What the hell did he exactly think? "Oh lemme just turn my 42-foot trailer in a U and go the other way." There is more than one way out of the neighbor hood, ya know? *Rant finished*

So, anyway, we got to the campground and started setting up.  We were struggling to get the RV leveled, and I noticed the guy across the way was watching us, and I assumed, laughing at our incapability to set up. After a few minutes, he came over and helped us.  He was a really nice guy, cussed like a sailor, but, a really nice guy.  (His name was Joe, btw)

Moral of the story: The guy with tattoos of naked women and raggedy clothes was a genuinely good guy, while the dresses up guy on his way to work, was a complete jerk. It makes me happy that I'm leaving the life where I have to live with people like that.  I'm hoping to meet a lot more people like Joe over this next year.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hi! If you haven't guessed by the name of the blog or read my All About Me thingy, my name is Anna, and my family and I are planning to travel the country for a year in an RV.  This is my blog to tell people about the experience. 

The day has come to buy the RV, I figured this would be a good starting post.  After shipments from Florida and long days of shopping, we finally came to "The One", it happens to be a Heartland Elkridge 37 Ultimate fifth wheel. Let's just say the couch is very, very comfy.  School is almost over, and the days are flying by!  I can't believe we're hitting the road in less than a month. 

So, here's the social media run down: obviously, if you are reading this you know that my blog is  My YouTube is AnnasRVAdventure.  Finally, my email is  Feel free to ask any questions on any of these sites, I'd be more than happy to answer them! I'll also include a link to my YouTube channel (I feel so tech savvy)  I can also include a link to my email  Feeling redundant yet?  Please forgive me, I'm just trying to figure it all out.  I think you can subscribe to these posts... somehow.  I hope you can figure it out, but I know you can subscribe to me on YouTube, or just check it whenever, ya know, whatever floats your boat. When I move into the RV I'll post some pictures on here, and maybe a tour on YouTube.  I really hope to hear from some of you! I'm not really sure how to finish a post, so I'll just say bye... Bye!